MedGas Plumbing Specialties

  • Medical Gas Systems Installation: Piping for the distribution of inflammable medical gases such as oxygen, nitrous oxide, compressed air, carbon dioxide, helium, and other medical gases.
  • Medical Support Gas: Piped gases such as nitrogen and instrument air used to support medical procedures by operating surgical tools and other medical equipment
  • Medical Air: For purposes of medical air (oxygen) supplied from cylinders, bulk containers, or medical air compressors
  • Medical/Surgical Vacuum Systems: Central vacuum producing equipment with a network of piping for patient suction in medical surgical waste and anesthetic gas disposal (WAGD) systems
  • Station Outlets: An outlet point in a piped medical gas distribution system at which the user makes connections and disconnection
  • Laboratory Piping Systems: Compressed Air; Nitrogen; Oxygen; Argon; CO2; Vacuum ; Helium; Natural Gas

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Medical Gas Outlets
Medical Gas Piping
Medical Gas Flow Direction