• What is medical gas used for?
  • Medical gas is used in patient environments that require Oxygen, Nitrogen, Nitrous Oxide, air dependent medical instrumentation, vaccuum systems, and other medical, dental, or veterinary related gases.
  • What certifications are required for medical gas installation?
  • Our technicians are certified for ASME Brazing IX, ASSE 6010 Medical Gas Installation, and ASSE 6040 Medical Gas System Maintenance.
  • What type of piping is used during the installation?
  • High-purity piping systems for medical gas require the use of copper piping of types K or L. After installation the piping system is certified before being put into use.
  • What if there is a gas leak?
  • Medical gas systems have integrated zone alarms that monitor the medical gas system for leaks. If a leak is detected the alarm sounds and the gas flow is shut-off until an inspection can be performed.
  • What are vaccuum lines used for?
  • Some medical gases, such as those from anesthesia must be properly disposed of during a medical procedure. Vaccuum lines properly route these gases out of the area and to specific disposal systems withing the facility.
  • Can medical gas be used for instrumentation?
  • Yes. Some medical gas lines are specific to instrumentation that may be used during a medical or dental procedure.
  • How is it possible to know which pipes contain the various gases?
  • Medical gas plumbing lines are marked with appropriate color designated stickers or tape to alert anyone using the system which line contains which gases. See the table below for a list of color codes and what they are used for.

Medical Gas Piping Color Chart

Piping System Controls Band Tape Colors Stenciled Legend
Oxygen Green White w/ Green Letters Oxygen or O2
Nitrous Oxide Blue Blue w/ White Letters Nitrous Oxide or N2O
Medical Vaccuum White Yellow w/ Black Letters Medical Vaccuum or VAC
Nitrogen Black Black w/ White Letters Nitrogen or NIT
Carbon Dioxide Grey Grey w/ Black Letters Carbon Dioxide or CO2
Medical Air Yellow White & Black w/ Contrasting Medical Air or Med Air
Anesthetic Gas Disposal Wiolet Violet w/ White Letters WAGD